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Over the years, supporters of Radio Caroline have known many humiliations. 

Humiliation watching the boarding and the plundering of the transmitting ship Ross Revenge anchored in the North sea.

Humiliation to learn that some of the people in charge of the station on land did everything to prevent a return to the airwaves, going against the faithful ones such as Peter Chicago who were trying to get the station back on air.

Humiliation to see the station finally stopped, by the decision of people representing the station in London, and not by the will of all involved. 

Humiliation to undergo the seizure of their ship by the English authorities. 

Humiliation to hear that the promises of a return at sea for the Ross Revenge were never kept, and probably never intended to be kept. 

Humiliation to find the Ross Revenge with two or three unworthy transmission licences over the years, all for a month at a time and under one watt of power, under the absolute control of the English authorities.

Humiliation to see that the name of Radio Caroline is exploited to do whatever is wished, with no respect for the past and totally without any freedom.

Humiliation to see the name of Caroline associated with the re-nunciation and the abandonment of its history and heritage, its dignity and that of its supporters. 

Humiliation to see her former transmitting ship forgotten in a port, a prisoner in the hands of the authorities. 

Humiliation to see her studios, becoming for a few hours the playground of the BBC. The very organisation had always tried to cut the station down. 

Radio Caroline celebrates her anniversary. March 28 1964, when the most formidable radiophonic adventure started and became a legend. 

This Radio Caroline has not transmitted since 1990, and does not have a transmitting ship any more. But it always has a future, a dignity and its project to return in its true place, free and at sea. 

Happy anniversary to all who still believe in freedom, the adventure and the safeguarding of an extraordinary inheritance. 

Radio Caroline continues.

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