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Radio Caroline continues



Radio Caroline, August 14, 1967, 12 midnight. Johnny Walker is on the air:

"Radio Caroline would like to extend its thanks to Mr. Harold Wilson and his Labor government for at last, after over three-and-a-half years of broadcasting, recognizing this station's legality, it's right to be here, it's right to be broadcasting to Great Britain and the continent, it's right to give the music and service to the peoples of Europe, which we have been doing since Easter Sunday, 1964. And we in turn recognize your right as our listener to have freedom of choice in your radio entertainment, and of course, that Radio Caroline belongs to you. It is your radio station, even though it cost you nothing.

And as we enter this new phase in our broadcasting history you naturally have our assurance that we intend to stay on the air because we belong to you and we love you. Caroline continues"

Then Radio Caroline plays the Royal Fanfare from the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"...

Almost 50 years after, the message is exactly the same:

Radio Caroline belongs to you and we love you. Radio Caroline continues...


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