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Frequently Asked Questions



Our purpose ?

Our main purpose is to promote the idea that Radio Caroline has a future at sea, as an independent and respected broadcaster.  

Who are we ?

We are from different countries around Europe and the world.

We are not only Radio Caroline's listeners, or supporters, but also people who worked in the background when the station was at sea.

"Official" site ?

This Radio Caroline site is the only one entirely dedicated to the legendary station as a free and offshore station, past and also future.

An international service, why ?

Initially created for a French speaking audience, this site received a massive welcome from visitors from all around the world.

This site was 100% in French, but 70 % of the visitors were not French speaking !

A Future at sea?

Radio Caroline is part of the European Heritage and of media history.

With this status, Radio Caroline must be saved and be at sea again, as an historic broadcaster in the same state as she was, during her incredible venture : free and offshore.

Radio Caroline currently on the air ?

It is not our intention to upset people behind licensed services or Internet sites, but the reality is simple : every station or organization claiming to be Radio Caroline, or using the name, has nothing to do with the legendary offshore station: the only Radio Caroline is a free and offshore station.

Stations on satellite, short wave, internet or whatever, sites claiming to be Radio Caroline, are only using a name but are not the real Radio Caroline.

Fool if you think it's over !

So Radio Caroline is not on the air for the time being, but people are working hard to put the station back at sea.

Some will say we are fools, or we are dreamers, but from day one Radio Caroline was a dream made by fools.

Ross Revenge.

The MV Ross Revenge was Radio Caroline's ship from 1983 to 1990.

Today she is in others hands, who have abandoned the offshore aspect. Sadly, she "ll never be returned to sea by her carers. Her offshore days are over and belong to the past.

As a result, the MV Ross Revenge is no longer part of Radio Caroline. The Future is now in another brand new ship…

Radio Caroline continues…

Radio Caroline had always four passions : freedom, music, sea and humanity. Share these passions and be part of the legend. Radio Caroline continues…


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