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Radio Caroline on the air ?



Question: does Caroline broadcast these days? Answer: no!

Explanation: Radio Caroline does not broadcast, but the name of Radio Caroline is to be found associated with radio and internet services. Most of these only make use of the name, but an internet company calls itself "the real Radio Caroline".

Radio Caroline wants to rectify these, radio services or websites, who pretend to be, or pretend to represent, the legendary radio station. Our aim is not to dispute or to thwart the development of commercial enterprise, but we'd like to remind that

Radio Caroline has always been a FREE radio station, and an enterprise under the absolute control of the English authorities cannot decently be Radio Caroline.

Radio Caroline has always been an OFFSHORE station, and to exploit a internet or satellite licence has nothing to do with broadcasts from a radio ship on the high seas.

Radio Caroline has always been a different and unique station, broadcasting music programmes from the North Sea.

This specific has upgraded her to the prestigious rank of a "legendary" radio station.

It is this legend that we intend to save, permitting her to regain her original environment, the North Sea, and under her historic form, from a radio ship.

This project might seem ambitious, but hasn't Radio Caroline at least got the right to exist after all those years at the service of the freedom of the airwaves?

This project might seem crazy, but hasn't Radio Caroline been a crazy adventure from the first day, directed by music and freedom loving people?

This project might be unfeasible, but to save a historic cultural movement such as Radio Caroline, deserves that one does everything to achieve it.

Finally, we remind you that Radio Caroline's founder, Ronan O'Rahilly, fought incessantly for keeping the station on the high seas and nowhere else.  


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